Hi there, welcome to the inner circle of our newest project -

Carrot & Stick: a storytelling card game.

We are Matthew & Petya, the co-founders of Mindpipe Creative Studio. We are a slightly cooky creative couple, who love to design, make and play :) 

For the last two years we have been designing, developing and testing our first ever game and we are now ready to share it with all of you :)

Below you can see our story, told in cards from our game.

We hope you enjoy it :)


Once upon a time, in a faraway land,

two people with reeeeealy giant heads

met on their first day of university in the biiig big city.

His name was Matthew and he was very tall,

very bearded and very very silly...

Her name was Petya and she was very smiley,

very loud and very very foreign...

They met and thought each other very nice,

with very nicely proportioned heads :)

They spent all their time together, doing art

and other ridiculous things, until one day they thought:

‘Why don’t we smooch and see how this thing goes’

This was 13 whole years ago...

Guess it went... quite well :)

How we met.png

The very way we met ...

The very way we met ...

What we did.png

university ended, and Matthew and Petya

headed off into the real world,

or as they knew it - Candyland!


It was going to be a magical place,

where Matthew would create fantastical creatures

on his magic typie box

and Petya would forge beautiful jewellery

for all the princesses in the land ... :)



And it worked ...

for a while ... :)

And then,

But then ... trouble!


But as luck would have it,

suddenly Candyland started shaking and stirring

and breaking apart!


Half of the citizens of Candyland

wished to remain in the giant Sweets Universe

they had grown so accustomed to,

but the other half said:  


‘No! We want out! We want to be sweets aaaall by ourselves!’ ...


and suddenly life became a lot more

uncertain for Matthew and Petya

and they weren’t at all sure where they belonged...


So they packed their bags, veeeery quickly

and went on a trip to find liberty

and a sweeter place to live ...

And so they did - now they live

between two beautiful islands they love,

connected by an only very slightly

slimy and green magic portal ...


Now way on their way

to their new adventure,

Matthew and Petya diceded

to finally tie the knot.


After only 12 years together...

they finally had the biggest party ever,

with all their family and friends,

with plenty of sweet treats,

boogie boogie

and wine



And then, there was the wedding ...

The Dream.png

After all they had been through,

it was time for one more dream

that seemed just impossible enough

to be worth a try :)


For the last two years,

they had been using all their creativity,

to create a magical world of worlds,

full of adorable little peeps,

exciting locations

and mad ideas :)


This magical world, called Carrot & Stick

is finally here! Weeeeee! :)

and finally...

the dream...