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Kickstarter backers Previewers and Reviewers:

Comments from our Kickstarter backers after receiving and testing the game:

  • Played this game when a friend brought it over. I've seen games get quickly disregarded if the premise doesn't grab people, but within a few minutes everyone was loving it and we played for most of the evening! The words, characters and places are great, and the only criticism I could have is that we are hooked; so we want even more of them! (And even then, each game seems to be different, words and characters interpreted completely differently based in each person's take). All in all a very inventive and fun game that we will definitely play again!  Stephen

  • Deluxe Edition arrived a couple of days ago (UK) but didn't manage to pick it up from the post office until today.I have to say, the quality is fantastic and meets every expectation and then some. Every image is fun, interesting and has details that make you pay attention. The instruction manuals are well laid out, easy to understand and this makes the whole game very quick and easy to pick up and play. To top it all off, you've hit delivery schedule perfectly and even added a wonderful signed "Thank You" card. This is, to date, one of the best managed KS I've backed. Well done on producing such a great product/game and running an exceptionally smooth campaign. Thank you!     Chris

  • Love Carrot and Stick! A cute, fun, co-operative little game. I play the two player with my mum and my mates and I pulled out the party rules at lunchtime at work. Really simple to pick up and good for experienced storytellers or people who are shy about gaming :)        Grace

  • WE LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! I run a group of 8k gameschoolers and lots want to know if Carrot & Stick will run mass market in the US or if it’ll be available to order online. Any plans?      Meg

  • Just wanted to say that I took in sugar and spice to school today (am a year 6 teacher) and the children absolutely loved it! Three of them asked where they could get it from as were so keen. They loved the game play and the artwork (I think I have one who would be interested in an internship in the future!). So thank you again =)      Ayla

Reviewers & Previewers

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Here's a little something from some of our play-testers, fans and backers:

  • 'Very fun (you'll be rolling on the floor in no time and you can bond with previously unknown people if you play this together), very cute (just look at the characters! you can tell a lot of heart has been put into them and I know I want to cuddle all) and very versatile (you can play as per the instructions or create any story for any age using the peeps and places, so basically the fun doesn't have to end. EVER).' Madi

  • 'Hello, there potential players :)! Do you work hard? Do you have a stresful job? Do you have a feeling you have not truly had fun for ages or laughed out loud for quite some time? I certainly do. Playing Carrot & stick the other day was sooo refreshing for me. I got to relax, got in touch with my inner child, who was somewhat neglected, and I let my imagination run wild and naughty... or, occasionally, nice 😋. I admit I was on the naughty side, though 😈. Plus I got to be creative for fun and I found the rules quite flexible and not constricting at all. I hate to abide by loads of strict and complex rules in my spare time for, you see, I am a lawyer. And if that game can make a lawyer have fun and laugh it must be quite something.' Irina Nedyalkova

  • 'This is a great game and huge fun to play. Think Cards Against Humanity with super artwork save that there is nothing inherently rude in any of the cards so the game can be played in as “rude” or “clean” versions as the players choose to make it, the only limitation being the players’ imagination. No two games played will be exactly the same.' Roger King

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